Virgin Mary ABVM Feasterville

Liturgical Music Ministries

Director: Kathleen McLaughlin






The Cantors role is to encourage the enthusiastic participation of the assembly by leading the acclamations, hymns, and songs and to proclaim the Responsorial Psalm at the liturgy. Men or women who are interested in preparing for ministry as cantors should contact Kathleen McLaughlin at 215-880-7257 or email

"Good News" Guitar Group

Our founder, Dot Oschell, who went home to heaven, gave the group its name the “Good News” Guitar Group. “Good News” was taken from the New Testament of the Bible where the “Good News” is so often mentioned. We devote our time and talents to make the Mass more meaningful. It is our “ministry”. Dot always said, “When you sing you pray twice.” Our mission is to encourage our parish family to sing and give praise to God. It is a commitment for us to attend practice in church every Tuesday evening at 7:30 from September through June. The group provides the music usually for the first and third Sundays of the month. We are a very loving and caring “family”. It makes our job much lighter and more joyful. The door is always open to new members who feel called to make the commitment. For more information please contact Veronica Schoen at 215- 752-7273 or email

Assumption BVM Feasterville


The parish Choir offers musical enhancement to special celebrations throughout the year. The group also sings at two weekend liturgies each month, from September through Pentecost Sunday. Choir practices are held every other Monday evening at 8:00 p.m. High school and college students as well as adults of all ages may add their voices to the ensemble by contacting Margie Crooks at 215-355-7348 or email


Instrumentalists are an organist, keyboardist, or guitarist who provides accompaniment to the assembly’s singing at each parish liturgy. Student or adult musicians who play solo instruments (violin, cello, clarinet, trumpet, flute, etc.) are most welcome to share their talents with the parish; they should contact Kathleen McLaughlin at 215-880-7257 or email




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