Virgin Mary

     The Hospitality Committee of Assumption BVM organizes, prepares and serves refreshments at various parish functions throughout the liturgical year.  We also have a wonderful group of parishioners who donate all sorts of delicious food for each event.

     You might see us serving coffee and tea at an early morning workshop or serving a light buffet after a special Mass.  We have even served up to 300 people at our Parish Mission!

     Hospitality works on six to ten functions a year.  We would like to invite the parish community to join us in this ministry.  Perhaps you love to bake, cook, decorate or just enjoy hosting a party.  Of course, there's the clean-up too.  We look at this as a divinely inspired gift, grace and talent and would be thrilled to add your name and number to our list.

     Those of you already on our call list we thank you.  To those who will consider this call we invite you to call the contact number below if you can help with any of the scheduled events.  We look forward to hearing from you and working together to offer hospitality to our parish members and our guests.

Christ's Peace.

The Hospitality Committee