Virgin Mary ABVM Feasterville

The ministry of Hospitality at Assumption BVM follows a practice that began in Genesis when Abraham invited three men to stay with him and refresh themselves before they traveled on. Many more times throughout the Old Testament and on through the Gospels we can read of the hospitality that is extended to people: Bread given to the Israelites in the desert (Ex. 16), the widow that fed Elijah (1 Kings 17) and the feeding of the five thousand people with fives loaves and two fish by Jesus (Mt. 16) to name a few. Each time God abundantly provides exactly what people need.


It is in this spirit that the members of the Hospitality Committee would like to invite the parish community to join us in this ministry. We organize, set up, decorate, serve, and clean up at ten functions a year. Perhaps you love to bake, cook, decorate, or just enjoy hosting a party. We look at this as a divinely inspired gift, grace and talent and would be thrilled to add your name and number to our list of parishioners who come to help and will reach out to you by phone or email in advance for help. Possibilities include: our annual Mission in the Fall, a social after the All Souls Mass in November, or any type of celebration called upon by Fr. Mike.


To those already on our call list, we thank you from our hearts. We invite you to contact us. To join our group, the Hospitality Committee, please contact Debbie at 267 619-4573 or email



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