Virgin Mary


The Bereavement Group supports parishioners and others who are grieving a death. Names are received through the rectory or mentioned to a facilitator of the bereavement support groups. Volunteers send out cards of sympathy along with some printed material designed to help the mourner cope with life in the midst of loss.


Bereavment support groups are held twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Each runs for eight weeks on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 PM in the Rectory Meeting Room.


Various topics are presented by the facilitators in a safe, confidential setting. Some of the topics include "Crazy Is Normal", "Understanding the Stages of Grief", and "How to Handle the Holidays".


The support group is peer ministry not therapy, where five to ten participants gather to learn about the grieving process and how to cope with their losses. The "miracle of the support group" unfolds as the members bond through sharing their stories within the level of their individual comfort. Members are encouraged to contact one another and the facilitators are available to take a call should the need arise.


A memorial service on the first Sunday of December is scheduled for anyone who has participated in our support groups. It is a prayerful gathering during the Holiday Season to stop the busyness and reflect and honor the memories of those we have lost.


Books on grief are available for lending for parish members.


The facilitators of the bereavement support groups are:

Barbara Wutzer



The facilitators strengths are compassion, understanding and support for those grieving, and years of experience as facilitators for support groups.


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